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  1. A Father and Son Story: Part 2

    Part 1

    It's easy to look at the son and say he is just stuck in childhood. He just needs "to grow up".

    Oh, please.

    That would be too easy wouldn't it? The ultimate ...

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  2. A Father and Son Story

    A father takes his son home from a track meet.

    "This is fucking bullshit, Dad. I did everything that coach said in practice and I didn't even place in any of my races."

    "Why do ...

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  3. Happiness vs. Meaning

    Usually I find nothing but rancid drivel coming from the New Yorker, but this article came remarkably close to actual intelligent insight. Unfortunately, it was for all the wrong reasons.

    Of course, when you linkbait a ...

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  4. Can do vs. Can't do

    I found this article today about can do vs can't do culture. The author makes an interesting assertion that big companies struggle with innovation because there are too many chances for someone to "say no" to an idea, killing any different, innovative idea on the spot.

    Although I've ...

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  5. Pale Blue Dot: Annual Reality Check

    Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light.

    As 2014 is around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to give ourselves some perspecive before we start to write our New ...

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  6. News is now Life

    Short announcement: I'm changing the category "News" to "Life".

    I felt "News" was too dry and boring and since I get about five unique visitors a month to this blog. I can give two shits about hurting my SEO.

    Nobody's linking to my crap.

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  7. The Chinese Government Hacking Accusations

    This article from NPR the other day talks about another yet another computer infiltration incident coming from Chinese hackers.

    Although the Chinese government has never admitted any involvement in these attacks, it's widely considered that these and many similar attacks throughtout the past several years are supported at least ...

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  8. Ski Season Has Started (for me)

    I haven't been able to get up to the mountains for skiing very much this season. Today was actually the first day that I was able to find the time to trip out to Arapahoe Basin to freeze my ass off and shoot down a ice covered mountain. Glorious ...

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  9. Planning Trip to China

    I finally got all my documents together for my tourist visa to China. Tomorrow I get to mail in all my info and cross my fingers that everything is a go.

    I hate the idea of having to buy my plane ticket before I can get my approval from the ...

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  10. New Years Resolutions

    Without further ado, my New Year's Resolutions for the year 2013

    • Write at least 52 more blog entries (once a week!)

    • Contribute to Django core.

    • Design my own website (logos, layouts, typography, writing, etc.) from scratch

    • Read one Computer Science book a month

    • Visit Chelsea in Shanghai

    • Travel to ...

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  11. virtualenvwrapper.django

    Quickly bootstrap a Django app using virtualenvwrapper. The default project template includes startup assets for generating a responsive design from bootstrap



    pip install virtualenvwrapper.django_template


    mkproject -t django <project_name>

    This will generate a startup project with a basic responsive design courtesy of Twitter Bootstrap ...

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  12. Baby's First Blog

    So, I finally got around to getting this up and running. As of this writing, I am using Pelican which is a pretty cool Python static site generator. I literally just did a pip install pelican 10 minutes ago and I've got a working blog. Not bad.

    I'm ...

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